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History of organization

Land administration is the root of all civil affairs, pioneer of all national constructions, and for the protection of people's properties. Implementation of land administration shall rely on sophisticated legal provisions and regulations for better control, protection and maintenance of people's properties. With the technological development and social structural changes, people have been demanding higher and higher executive efficiency and service standards with great expectations. To meet that challenge, our colleagues have been seeking self-improvement and executive innovations on a continuous basis in order to provide perfect services to the satisfaction of our people. For the purpose of better tomorrows of land administration, we cordially invite your comments and assistance at all times.


Introduction of this office
History of organization:
This office is located at No.17, Jhongjheng Rd. , Yujing Township , Tainan County . The district of this office includes Yujing , Nansi , Nanhua three counties . It used to be subordinate to Tainan Sinhua Land Administrative Office . But the hard strive for the distribution of local personalities earned lots support and help , this new office established and started to work at November 1st, 1958. Recently, our business and citizens come for a business increased a lot . Our office is not big enough right now; the old type building can't fulfill our need anymore . After the chief's strive for it, and luckily the ex-county magistrate Mr. Lee takes this problem very seriously. We found the place where we are now at March, 1989 and start to rebuild our office again at October . It cost us more than NT$ 21,219,000 dollars . The area of this building is 1557 square meters. The building is magnificent outside, and can fulfill citizens' need inside. We spent more than a year to build this building.